A Single Wedding Photo Altered the Course of a Couple’s Entire Life

Emma and Justin Cotillard fell in love the moment they saw each other. When they got married, it was the happiest time for them. Emma found out she was pregnant, making their lives feel complete.

But things changed when she was seven months pregnant. Justin became aggressive and yelled at her, which was unusual. One morning, he even told her to leave, leaving Emma shocked.

“He forgot I was pregnant and thought I was a stranger,” Emma remembered.

Instead of a honeymoon, they went to the hospital. Doctors ran tests and gave them devastating news: Justin had a brain tumor causing his strange behavior.

Sadly, he was given only about 2 years to live, but the cancer spread faster than expected. Emma prayed that he would at least meet their daughter.

Shortly after the baby was born, Justin’s condition got worse. “He had two weeks at home before he passed away,” Emma said.

From diagnosis to his passing, doctors tried everything, but the cancer was too aggressive. Emma believes things could have been different if they noticed the symptoms earlier. One clue was in their wedding photo.

“I noticed his right face was a bit lower,” Emma said.

She shared the photo and Justin’s story to raise awareness. Emma wants people to seek help if they suspect something is wrong with their health. Even small symptoms can be important, and catching them early can save lives.

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