Young Girl Abandoned Due to Appearance Defies Odds, Becomes Vogue Model to Challenge Stereotypes

Growing up, kids mostly depend on their parents for love, security, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, some children, like 16-year-old Xueli Abbing from China, don’t have that support. Her parents abandoned her at an orphanage because they thought she looked different due to her albinism—a genetic condition that makes the skin, hair, and eyes lack color.

Luckily, a caring Dutch family adopted Xueli when she was young. Despite facing potential stigma and discrimination because of her albinism, she had a positive turn of events. At just 11 years old, she got a chance to be in a fashion show in Hong Kong, celebrating diverse beauty. She even posed for Vogue Italia in June 2019.

Albinos can face unfair treatment due to misconceptions, and sometimes it’s even worse in extreme cases. Xueli considers herself fortunate that she was only abandoned and not subjected to more severe situations.

Xueli, who prefers to be called a person with albinism rather than being labeled solely by her condition, wants to change how people see albinism. She believes in emphasizing inner beauty and hopes to raise awareness about albinism as a hereditary condition, not a curse. In her words, she wants to transform the world and challenge harmful beliefs about albinism.

Despite facing challenges, Xueli remains positive and is determined to make a difference. She focuses on changing perceptions and promoting understanding, hoping for a brighter future where people with albinism are accepted without prejudice.

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