“Heartwarming Sibling Moment”: Young Singer’s Adorable Performance on Talent Show

In 2018, on Israel’s Got Talent stage, something really cute happened. A young girl named Laia Alice sang the song “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. She sang it so well that the judges and her family were really happy.

While Laia was singing, her little sister watched with a big smile. When the song ended, everyone, including three judges, stood up and clapped for Laia. When they asked Laia how she felt, she was super excited.

But the sweetest part was when her little sister ran to her and hugged her tightly. The audience loved it, and one of the judges jokingly asked if they wanted to make everyone cry. The whole thing was caught on camera and you can watch it on “Shy Singer Sings A Beautiful Song From Annie The Musical | Kids Got Talent.”

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