“This was the best idea for the woman”: 50-yer-old woman became a surrogate mother for her daughter

The daughter had health problems and couldn’t have a child

Nowadays, having children via surrogate mothers is becoming more and more popular. But this case is more special! The fact is, this 50-year-old woman agreed to become a surrogate mother for her daughter.

Caitlin Munoz had one child after her marriage, but she wanted more children. At the age of 25 Caitlin got pregnant once again, but soon lost the child because of health problems. SHe had to undergo several treatments, and now she is unable to get pregnant again.

Her mother, 50-year-old Khlis Smith, decided to help her daughter and make her dream come true. She offered her help as a surrogate mother, and Caitlin agreed.

Although many people found them weird and insane, for Caitlin this was the best idea. Watch the video about this family below!

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