“Three Generations of Beauty”: Heidi Klum, Her Mom, and Daughter Leni

One of the famous fashion icons recently shared some lovely pictures of her family that left her fans very happy.

Heidi Klum got her good looks and grace from her beautiful mom. Her dad, Gunther Klum, has been her manager for a long time, so he often brought Heidi along for interviews.

Heidi said she’s thankful to her parents for her appearance. Recently, she made people really happy by sharing pictures of her mom and her daughter Leni. These pictures show three generations of their family, and people loved them.

We don’t know much about Heidi’s mom, except that she was born in Bergisch Gladbach and works as a hairdresser.

Heidi, the famous model, sometimes goes to Germany to visit, even though she lives in Los Angeles. When they’re in Germany, the family likes to eat out at local restaurants and spend time together.

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