“Embracing the healing power”: Salma Hayek shared photos from the sauna covered with towels

Salma Hayek has shared how she finds peace of mind by capturing herself in a natural and intimate moment. The 56-year-old actress embraced her natural self in a sauna, completely undressed and covered only with two white towels.

With her hair down and a ring on her finger, Salma relaxed and closed her eyes, harnessing the healing power of the sauna to alleviate stress. She shared this experience during the Global Wellness Week.

Paris Hilton showed her admiration for Salma by leaving a heart-shaped emoji.

Fans complimented the actress and made jokes. Salma has a special love for water, often swimming in the ocean and believing that it rejuvenates her and gives her energy.

She also values a positive attitude and cherishes each day of her life. In the morning, Salma humorously checks for gray hair and wrinkles in the mirror, which can affect her mood.

She uses a proven skincare component to maintain her beauty.

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