“90s High Fashion”: Margo Robbie’s Magnificent Metallic-Pink Corset Gown Delights Fans

Robbie stunned everyone on the red carpet by recreating one of Claudia Schiffer’s iconic looks in a classic corset gown.

The event took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, where the legendary 32-year-old star, who brilliantly portrayed the main character in the upcoming film “Barbie,” turned heads with her vintage gown inspired by the 90s.

Her hair was elegantly waved, and her delicate peach-toned makeup added even more charm to her appearance. The metallic-pink vintage gown she wore made a profound impression on everyone present, as it was reminiscent of Claudia Schiffer’s iconic 90s dress.

Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley, played a significant role in producing the upcoming film. All the cameras were focused on her at the event because she undoubtedly outshone the others.

“She epitomizes feminine beauty!”, “Incomparably beautiful Robbie”, “Another level of gorgeousness!”, “She has no equals,” fans raved about her.

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