“What happened to her?”: 55-year-old Julia Roberts showed off her completely transformed body

Some people are not satisfied with her appearance

Julia Roberts was a famous and beautiful actress known as “Pretty Woman.” People loved her for her slim figure, long legs, and radiant smile. She was considered one of the most attractive and successful women in the world.

However, everyone ages with time.

Julia understood this and decided not to artificially preserve her youth. She chose to age naturally without plastic surgery or beauty treatments. Now, at 55 years old, her fans appreciate her for staying true to herself and embracing her natural appearance.

However, some people are not satisfied with Julia’s appearance. They believe she looks older than her age. Paparazzi even leaked a photo of her while she was on vacation. Many people noticed that she was not exercising or keeping her body in good shape.

They say she has a saggy figure like an older woman. Some agree that Julia should take better care of herself.

Even though she was naturally slim, age has started to show its effects.

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