“She could not part with her son”: what the first adopted son of Madonna looks like now

Few people know that Madonna adopted a boy from Malawi 14 years ago.

Madonna is a fashion icon and the queen of pop music. This extraordinary actress adopted a young boy from Malawi fourteen years ago and named him David. Madonna has an older daughter, Lourdes Leon, born in 1996, and a son, Rocco, with Guy Ritchie.

While the other children are not biologically related, Madonna loves all her heirs. David currently lives in Portugal. Madonna couldn’t bear to be separated from her son, so she bought a house in the country and moved in with him.

David is now an enthusiastic football player and plays for a local team. Madonna believes her child has the potential to become the president of Malawi in the future.

The young man enjoys music, dance, and has artistic talents.

Despite his parents’ divorce, David has a strong attachment to his adoptive father, Guy.

Today, the young man lives with his loving mother and gets along well with his brothers and sisters.

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