“The cutest dancers”: twin sisters dance to their father’s guitar

The extremely adorable moment was captured on camera

These little twin children start dancing as soon as their father sings his self-written guitar song titled “My Paradise” – a melody he created just for his daughters. These are the same babies who caught the internet’s attention in 2012, moving rhythmically in their high chairs to their father’s guitar performance.

The heartwarming moment, captured on camera by the twins’ 19-month-old identical twin user Brovadere, who says:

“This is a video of our identical twin girls still dancing to their dad’s guitar at 19 months. It’s just amazing how they create their own dance moves! The song I’m playing is an original one, which I composed just for them :)”

According to his Youtube channel, the father of these captivating twin girls is an independent artist who loves writing, producing, and mixing music.

Dressed in identical outfits and hairstyles and sharing an equal love for music, the twins turn their living room with a fireplace into a dance floor.

The video was uploaded almost seven years ago, indicating that the twins are now in elementary school, but it’s nice to imagine that they still jump and sway whenever their father takes his guitar and starts to play.

These are the same babies who went viral on the internet in 2012 for doing what they excel at: feeling the music. What makes the video even more distinctive is that it showcases the unique bond between twins: just watch how they look at each other when the music starts, as if they are communicating, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Research from McMaster University has found that babies exposed to music are more likely to smile. When these musically inclined babies cry, they are easier to soothe than babies who are not exposed to music. Additionally, the extra exposure to music correlates with babies who are more adventurous in exploring their surroundings. Because of these various reasons, it is wise for parents to expose their young children to music.

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