“Fans love her like this”: Lily Collins shared a photos of herself with no makeup

She is still the same beauty

The star of “Emily in Paris” has confirmed her stunning makeup-free face, and the gesture has been met with an outpouring of love from her fans. Nowadays, it’s no longer a concern for celebrities to appear without cosmetics in front of their millions of followers. There is a growing trend where stars proudly showcase their natural, makeup-free beauty and receive high praise for their honesty and self-acceptance.

Fans couldn’t help but shower the actress with admiration, commenting things like, “I can’t take my eyes off this angelic beauty!” “Lily is incomparable,” and “She’s one of those stars who needs no makeup to look gorgeous. How can someone be so naturally pretty, I wonder?”

It’s worth mentioning that the charming actress is in a happy relationship with Ch. McDowell since 2019. One year later, the director proposed to the exceptional actress, and they soon tied the knot.

“I never wanted to be anyone’s but yours, and now I’m your wife,” the actress lovingly expressed about her marriage to the director.


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