“Restored her beauty”: what this unique girl looks like after surgery

She willingly put her life in danger.

Yaroslava Titorchuk, a young woman from Ukraine, entered the public eye through a popular TV show that provides assistance to people in great need. Yaroslava’s life has been filled with difficulties. She was raised in an unstable family environment where her parents, affected by harmful habits, left this world prematurely.

Child protective services placed Yaroslava in an orphanage, but her grandmother eventually took her out. However, given her advanced age, her grandmother struggled to provide the guidance and care that a teenager needs. Consequently, 13-year-old Yaroslava fell in with the wrong crowd and turned to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs as an escape from her psychological anguish.

This destructive lifestyle led to severe health complications. Hospital doctors informed her of the urgent need to remove her lower jaw due to a severe infection. Additionally, to allow her to live without fear of her reflection, she needed an expensive dental prosthesis, a cost she couldn’t afford.

In her desperate situation, Yaroslava sought help from the television program. Doctors performed multiple surgeries and installed a prosthesis (funded through generous donations from across the country), successfully reconstructing the lower part of her face.

Afterward, Yaroslava began to change her life: she quit drinking, got married, and became a mother to a son. Now, she works at the rehabilitation center that once helped her overcome her addiction. Visibly, Yaroslava’s appearance has significantly improved. In photographs, her eyes radiate joy and contentment.

Public opinion about her varies. Some believe she doesn’t deserve happiness because she willingly put her life in danger, while others argue that she wasn’t entirely to blame. We would like to hear your opinions, dear readers. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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