“Stunning but not healhty”: Bella Hadid has been fighting for her life for over 10 years

The model’s recovery journey was not easy

In 2012, the first signs of tick-borne Lyme disease appeared, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she received a diagnosis. Throughout these years, she has battled with the illness but unfortunately hasn’t been able to conquer it.

Lyme disease, also known as systemic tick-borne borreliosis, is an infectious disease that affects numerous individuals, including notable personalities. In addition to Bella Hadid, her brother Anwar, their mother Yolanda, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Ashley Olsen, Alec Baldwin, and others have also been affected.

The main cause of Lyme disease stems from the transmission of Borrelia bacteria, primarily carried by ticks. Prompt treatment offers the possibility of regaining health. However, the top model refrained from taking action to overcome it for over a decade.

In 2012, Bella exhibited initial symptoms of tick-borne borreliosis, but the diagnosis didn’t come until 2015. Since then, as she herself has confessed, she has been coping with daily bothersome symptoms: headaches, mental confusion, insomnia, irregular heartbeats, nausea, breathing difficulties, lack of concentration, joint and muscle pain, and many others.

On one occasion, she mentioned forgetting the route from Malibu to her house in Santa Monica, a testament to the extent of her challenges. Consequently, she was forced to give up her equestrian dreams, having to part ways with her horse. She said, “If I had the opportunity to excel in horseback riding, I wouldn’t have pursued a career in modeling.”

Lyme disease can typically be treated with antibiotics, but delayed treatment can lead to central nervous system dysfunction, which can result in disability or even death. According to recent reports, Hadid may be experiencing kidney failure.

Concerned fans have noticed frequent photos of Bella with intravenous drips, leading them to deduce the presence of complications. Kidney problems are a common consequence of this condition, and intravenous medication helps alleviate the agonizing symptoms.

The model’s treatment journey has not been easy. Hadid has recently expressed anguish over the excruciating pain caused by the disease and dissatisfaction with her appearance in the mirror. The strong antibiotics have affected her skin. However, despite all the challenges, she persists in her fight.

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