“Ryan Gosling Hits Back at Critics”: Calls Out Hypocrisy in Response to Sudden Interest

The actor defended his role in the new “Barbie” film

Ryan Gosling recently faced criticism from individuals who believed he was too old to play the role of Ken. Some netizens argued that his wrinkles and other age-related changes made him unsuitable for portraying the character, suggesting that actors like Henry Cavill or Chris Evans would be better choices.

In response to this criticism, Gosling addressed the issue during an interview with GQ. He quickly acknowledged that there were several other actors who could have been chosen as “Kens” and people were free to prefer any of them.

The actor was genuinely surprised by the level of concern and frustration expressed by people regarding a character who was already “in the background.” He found their growing interest and irritation hypocritical.

However, Gosling feels comfortable portraying such a character and sees himself as a representative of Ken.

Ultimately, whether he was the best candidate for the role is subjective and open to individual interpretation.

What do you think about the actor and his new role?

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