“Cat Man”: what this man looked like before he turned into a cat

He underwent multiple plastic surgeries to achieve his dream.

Do you remember seeing a man resembling a cat frequently on TV shows in the 2000s? This American man underwent a shocking transformation of his appearance, attempting to imitate the look of a tiger through numerous plastic surgeries and other procedures.

Dennis Avner, a programmer from Michigan and a descendant of the Huron and Lakota Indian tribes, strived to resemble his tribal totem animal, a cat. The media referred to him as the “Cat Man,” although Dennis’s totemic name was “Stalking Cat,” and he preferred to be addressed as such.

In his quest to become a tiger, Avner underwent multiple plastic surgeries. These included lip splitting, eyebrow modification, hairline adjustment, tooth reshaping to resemble fangs. His body and face were adorned with tattoos, and he wore yellow contact lenses with a cat eye pattern. He even inserted a mustache into his upper lip, secured with piercings.

Due to his extraordinary appearance and the journey he embarked on to achieve it, Dennis attracted significant media attention. He was frequently invited to TV shows and interviewed. Stalking Cat himself stated that he never kept track of the amount spent on his surgeries. He underwent them for spiritual growth, disregarding their material cost.

Finding an online image of Cat Man pre-transformation is nearly impossible. Avner kept his initial appearance well-hidden. However, there is a childhood photograph in which he appears as an ordinary boy—innocent, with wondrous eyes.

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