“Newfound sense of confidence”: New image of Elle Fanning raised questions among fans

Teh actress is known for her modest fashion choices

Aurora, the beloved character from “Maleficent,” has been causing quite a stir with her recent pictures, leaving fans shocked and questioning her new look.

Elle Fanning, the talented actress behind Aurora, is known for her modest and somewhat unassuming fashion choices. She often opts for floor-length dresses in soft pastel hues, complementing her delicate image and blonde hair. However, it seems that Elle has undergone a style transformation, and she is hardly recognizable.

Contrary to her red carpet appearances, Elle now embraces a wide variety of outfits in her everyday life. While she maintains a tasteful approach, she has stepped out of her comfort zone and ventured into new fashion territories. Recently, paparazzi managed to capture her in a rush, her face glowing with a blush, and most notably, a genuine smile.

During this particular sighting, Elle stunned in a satin corset with a daring neckline, paired with black pants and navy blue pumps. Some onlookers perceived a slightly more masculine touch to her appearance, prompting speculation about a change in her personal style.

It’s clear that Elle Fanning has evolved and taken on a more diverse fashion palette, leaving fans and photographers eager to capture her every move. While she remains mindful of avoiding vulgarity and excess, she now embraces a newfound sense of confidence and experimentation in her wardrobe choices.

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