“I capture precious moments with him”: Willis’s Daughter Reveals Her Father’s Voice Messages Stored on a Hard Drive

The daughter talked about the current health condition of the actor

The daughter of the critically ill Willis recently provided an update on her father’s condition, expressing her sadness and concern. Tallulah, their daughter, disclosed that initially they attributed his symptoms to hearing problems and did not take them seriously. However, as time went on, it became apparent that something was definitely wrong.

Tallulah, being deeply concerned about her father, seizes every opportunity to visit him and capture precious moments with him through photographs.

She considers these moments as treasures, discovering new aspects of her father that she hadn’t paid much attention to before. She also cherishes his voice messages, saving them on a hard drive, and tries to document everything.

Fortunately, the actor still recognizes Tallulah when she visits, and his face lights up with joy. Despite the progressive nature of the disease he is suffering from, Tallulah remains hopeful for his recovery and refuses to lose faith in her father.

The dementia he is experiencing has been identified as one of the most challenging forms of the disease.

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