“What is her secret?”: The oldest model in the world revealed her beauty secrets

It’s hard to guess her real age

Daphne Selfe is truly an extraordinary woman, as evident from her captivating images. Her magical figure, impeccable hair, and flawless nails are nothing short of remarkable.

What sets her apart is her extensive career as a model, spanning over 70 years. It’s hard to believe, but this stunning lady was born in 1928. As a British supermodel, she has enjoyed a vibrant and successful journey.

Even at 94 years old, Daphne continues to grace the industry with her presence. Her alluring appearance, boundless creativity, impeccable nails, and stylish attire contribute to her youthful look.

“Are you serious?” and “What’s your secret? Perhaps a tree with rejuvenating apples grows in your garden?” are just a few of the reactions Daphne receives from amazed admirers.

“I can’t believe what you just said,” “Long live Daphne,” “I admire people like you,” “You’re simply brilliant,” and “Daphne, please share the secret of youth and beauty” are some of the heartfelt comments pouring in from Daphne’s devoted followers.

“I wish to live until your age,” “You are admirable,” “Divine,” and “What a beauty” are expressions of admiration expressed by Daphne’s admirers.

Daphne Swimsuit is a true inspiration, captivating hearts and minds with her timeless beauty and remarkable career.

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