“Already 19 years old”: What the only daughter of the singer Nelly Furtado looks like in her teenage years

The girl was named after the Caribbean island

The sole heir of the star has come of age. This year marks Nevis’s twentieth birthday.

Nelly Furtado has had two marriages. The artist spent four years with her first husband, instrumentalist Jasper Gahania, and gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Nevis. The little girl was named after the Caribbean island where the couple spent their honeymoon. The marriage ended shortly after the child was born.

The actress is accustomed to doing everything herself, including raising her only daughter, who turns 20 this year. Nevis frequently accompanied her mother on tour and spent her childhood in a musical environment.

Today, the young woman leads an independent life, which she is not accustomed to displaying. Nelly Furtado has become stronger through raising a child on her own. She admitted in the mid-2000s that she was now “made of steel.” “I’m a mother. I’ve been in busy restaurants and had food thrown in my face by a young toddler. My child is accompanying me on this tour. We take the bus, and she has her own sleeping area where we play with her toys,” the singer explained when her daughter was only three years old.

Furtado married Cuban-born sound engineer Demasio Castellón in 2008. The marriage lasted more than eight years before ending in divorce. They did not have any common children in Nelly and Demasio’s family.

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