“Mother of Eight”: The Inspiring Journey of Natalie Sulman and her huge family

Not everyone can endure such a lifestyle

Not everyone can be as brave as Natalie Sulman, who gave birth to eight children in 2009 and became the first woman to do so while maintaining excellent health. Prior to this, she already had six children.

When news of her pregnancy with eight children became known, she received many invitations from various programs and became famous.

After giving birth, the happy mother felt great and continued her training and healthy lifestyle. Now at 44 years old, she enjoys spending her time in fitness clubs, which helps her feel relaxed and healthy.

In addition, she takes excellent care of her children and provides them with everything they need. She is happy to see that her children follow her example and also go to the gym.

For this mother, sports is life, and it helps one feel relaxed both physically and psychologically. This beautiful family has thousands of followers on Instagram.

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