“Life after divorce”: Recent photos of Tina Kunakey on the beach shocked her fans

The photos became a topic of discussion

Recently, Tina Kunakey shared a series of spicy and provocative photos on the beach, which caused quite a stir. It’s worth noting that in April, it was revealed that the French actor and Kunakey had gotten divorced, which became a topic of discussion.

Surprisingly, the French movie star deleted all their joint photos from social media, leading many to believe they simply had a quarrel. However, the couple did indeed get divorced, much to the disappointment of their fans.

Their divorce sparked hope among netizens that the actor might reunite with Bellucci.

Now, Kunakey has posted some revealing photos of herself in a sexy outfit on the beach.

She completed her look with a vintage purse and showed off her curly hair and stunning features.

In the photos, she proudly displays her bare shoulders and half of her body, causing quite a stir among her followers.

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