“The Timeless Beauty Icon”: What French model and actress Brigitte Bardot looks like at 88

She remains a timeless beauty icon and an inspiration to many

At 88 years old, the iconic actress, singer, and model Brigitte Bardot still possesses her unparalleled charm, charisma, and beauty.

Despite struggling with insecurities in her youth, she found confidence through ballet and went on to become a world-renowned model after a successful photo shoot.

During the 1950s and 1960s, she was the epitome of femininity, with her otherworldly beauty capturing the attention of countless photographers. In 1953, she even attended the Cannes Film Festival.

Bardot went on to have a brilliant debut, starring in nearly 50 films throughout her career. On a personal note, she has been married several times and has a son.

After retiring from the spotlight, Bardot expressed her distaste for being constantly hounded by paparazzi and journalists.

However, in 1986, she started a charity foundation and began selling her jewelry to raise funds for poor and helpless animals.

Despite aging naturally, her fans still admire and appreciate Bardot for refusing to conform to society’s beauty standards. She remains a timeless beauty icon and an inspiration to many.

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