“What an angelic beauty!”: How much one of the world’s most beautiful girls has changed over time

Her fans can’t stop sincerely admiring her

Here is Kristina who, still as a little child, was widely believed to be the world’s most beautiful girl with her rare and unearthly appearance. But shortly after leaving her homeland and relocating to America, she seemed to have been forgotten.

Recently, Pimenova made a splash and shared her recent photos which didn’t let any of her fans remain indifferent. Though she doesn’t look her age (17) at all, her fans simply can’t stop sincerely admiring her. «What angelic beauty!».

«While I was playing with dolls at 17, she has become a model and conquers millions of hearts at the same age», «She looks no less than 25».

«Every atom of her is beautiful», «It is impossible not to fall in love with such beauty», «I haven’t seen such an angel yet!».

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