“One in a million”: This woman instantly became popular after her plastic surgery

She wanted to stand out from the crowd!

Model Celine Centino shared her experience on Instagram. She has spent more than $50,000 on plastic surgeries. Celine started considering plastic surgeries still at high school. Centino couldn’t face all the mockery of her peers. 

Celine’s doll-like look never distinguished her, and jokes from her friends instilled new complexes in her. Immediately, it’s tough to recognize the little girl with braces in her new appearance. “What did she do to herself?”

“She needed a help of a therapist, not a plastic surgeon”, “What were her parents doing?”, “I can’t believ this is the same girl”,

“She shouldn’t have done that to herself”, “The main thing is that she’s happy now”, 

“Why wouldn’t she be? For positive she’s a lot happier now”, “She looks nice”, wrote the followers of Celine.

What do you think about her transformation?

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