Amazing transformation of an adorable dog after abusive past

One day, a person decided to take a walk with their dog. But first, they wanted to clean the house a bit, so they left the dog alone to run and have some fun.

The owner didn’t expect what would happen next. When the dog came back, it looked completely different. Just half an hour ago, the dog was white, but now something had changed. The dog was covered in green stains and dirt. The owner didn’t even get worried. Instead, they took out their phone and snapped a picture of the messy dog.

They posted the pictures on social media with the caption, “It was-became.” This post quickly became famous all over the Internet and got more than 25,000 likes. People left funny comments about the dog, and some tried to figure out why the dog got so dirty in just a few minutes.

Some folks thought the green color came from the grass, while others thought grass juice couldn’t make the dog turn green. The real reason remained a mystery, but it was all in good fun.

No matter what our adorable pets do, dogs will always be our loyal friends.

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