“True Talent”: Cat plays the piano whenever hungry (video)

Prepare to have your day brightened by Winslow, an adorable and chubby cat with a remarkable musical sense and a sweet tooth!

Kate Nyx is the proud owner of this little musical feline, and being a musician herself, she has an array of musical instruments, including a children-sized piano that happens to be the perfect fit for Winslow too.


Since he was just a little kitten, Winslow showed a fondness for pawing at the piano keys. His curiosity led him to explore where the enchanting music was coming from, bringing joy to Nyx and anyone who witnessed his playful antics.

As time passed, Winslow’s passion for music grew even stronger. However, he also gained some extra weight, which became a concern for his health and age. Following the vet’s advice, Nyx put him on a carefully managed diet.

To help with the weight loss plan, Nyx devised a clever strategy using the piano. She divided Winslow’s meals into small portions throughout the day and allowed him to “earn” each portion by playing the piano.

It turned out to be a brilliant idea, and Winslow not only shed some pounds but also developed a genuine love for the piano.

Now, whenever Winslow feels hungry, he turns to the piano keys and plays delightful tunes regularly. His musical performances and dedication to the instrument have become a heartwarming sight that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.


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