“Disapproving Glare”: Rescued Owl’s Hilarious Spa Experiment

It seems he didn’t enjoy the spa at all

While most people enjoy going on a spa break, it’s safe to say that the same cannot be said for the rescued owl.

The owl reluctantly went on a spa break, only to discover that he did not enjoy the procedures at all. His large, angry eyes spoke volumes about his displeasure.

This particular owl was found in New Zealand, and it was discovered that he was unwell. He had a bacterial infection that had damaged his skin and feathers.

The staff at the wildlife center decided to give him a bubble bath. They did everything they could to ensure the owl’s well-being and eventual release back into the wild.

They washed him with special medical soap to eliminate the bacteria. Since his skin was quite oily, they washed him at a temperature of 40° Celsius to avoid causing any harm.

The funniest part of this whole story is that this adorable little owl did not appreciate the spa treatment one bit.

The resulting pictures were quite amusing. The owl looked rather comical with his damp feathers and those big, shiny eyes.

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