“Cuteness Overload”: Adorable Panda cub seeks comfort on Mother’s belly

The little creature looks like a cuddly toy

A heartwarming video has been captured, showcasing a panda cub lying on its mother’s stomach. This adorable sight reminds us that pandas, despite their small appearance, have unique ways of living.

Recently, the Center for the Study and Research of Pandas released a special video revealing how a mother panda soothes her baby to sleep. It unveiled a delightful technique employed by these remarkable creatures.

In the early months after birth, pandas are incredibly tiny, and their development might not be visible to the public. However, as they grow a little older, they become irresistibly fluffy, resembling cuddly toys.

In this endearing video, viewers are treated to the sight of a cute panda cub resting on a grate before ultimately settling on its mother’s stomach, basking in the joy of the day.

Despite the cub’s position, the mother continues to gently sway and cradle her baby. As many already know, pandas purr like cats and possess the nurturing instinct to rock their young ones. These tender gestures ensure that the panda babies sleep peacefully.

Interestingly, this particular adorable panda has a twin sister. However, due to her small size at birth, doctors had to fight to ensure her survival. Thankfully, she is now healthy, but for precautionary reasons, she is not currently with her mother to avoid any potential risks.

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