“Unlikely Aerial Duo”: Woodpecker Takes Weasel for a Ride in Extraordinary Encounter

The photos are real!

This is not a photoshopped image but rather a real-life occurrence that took place in England. In the picture, you can see a child weasel riding on the back of a real woodpecker. The photographer captured this rare moment while walking in the park.

While it may seem like a beautiful friendship between the woodpecker and the weasel, the reality is quite different. It’s possible that one of them could be considering the other as a potential meal. Weasels are not harmless creatures. They are known for destroying nests and consuming eggs of various animal species, including helpless chickens. They also prey on healthy adult birds.

So, it’s unclear what exactly happened between the woodpecker and the weasel for the bird to be carrying this predator with it. The photographer claims that on that day, he was there to photograph the woodpecker, and as soon as he prepared his camera, the bird unexpectedly flew out of the grass with a weasel on its back.

“It’s truly an incredible sight, isn’t it?”

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