“Distinctive Wildlife Experiment”: South Africa’s Reverse Zoo leaves guests in shock

What an amazing way to explore wildlife!

The Reverse Zoo concept in South Africa has become a resounding success, bringing joy and excitement to visitors. The GG Conservation Lion Sanctuary, located in South Africa, offers a unique opportunity for guests to observe lions up close while ensuring their complete safety. This is made possible by placing humans in specially designed “bipedal reveals,” which are metallic cages positioned at the heart of the lion pride. Any of the sanctuary’s 77 lions are free to approach these designated enclosures.

Situated in Harrissmith City, the nearly 1,000-hectare private sanctuary is dedicated to the love, protection, and conservation of these majestic creatures. The first lions were introduced to the sanctuary in 2002, and in 2015, it was officially registered as a non-profit environmental organization. The “people in a cage” attraction has been operating successfully for the past two years.

The cost of this extraordinary experience is 2,000 rubles for an individual or 3,000 rubles for two people, equivalent to approximately 150 US dollars. Participants spend 45 minutes in a cage, and the proceeds from these encounters contribute to rescuing lions facing challenging circumstances worldwide. The park itself relies on donations for funding.

Each cage can accommodate up to three individuals, and safety is ensured by experienced engineers. Remarkably, there have been no incidents thus far. Additionally, attentive staff members are always present during the photo shoots, providing an extra layer of security.

Visitors enthusiastically praise these encounters, as the lions occasionally approach the cages, attempting to interact with the intrigued spectators. However, the gap between the bars prevents the predators from entering the cages. This experience also enriches the lions’ lives, allowing them to explore new scents and observe new visitors within their territory.

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