“Such a lovely story”: Friendship between an amazing dolphin and a puppy

They turned out to be friends of 8 years

A heartwarming story went viral on the internet featuring a cute canine and his dolphin friend. Gunner, the adorable canine, and his dolphin pal became an internet sensation, capturing the hearts of thousands.

Their extraordinary tale is sure to touch the hearts of many. The unique dolphin worked at a dolphin center in the USA.

Mary, Gunner’s owner, was part of this organization and often brought Gunner along to work with her. It was there that Gunner had the opportunity to make friends with a dolphin.

Initially, Mary expected Gunner to bark and get agitated when encountering the dolphins, but Gunner’s reaction surprised her. He calmly observed his surroundings, and she noticed that one of the dolphins always swam up to Gunner whenever they visited the center. On one occasion, Mary witnessed the heartwarming moment when Gunner and the dolphin hugged and kissed each other.

When Gunner first met the dolphin, it was just 2 months old. Now, Gunner is 8 years old, and their friendship has only grown stronger over time.

This touching and unique story about devoted and beautiful creatures was shared on the internet and quickly went viral.

The owner shared photos on social media, and these images garnered millions of likes and shares.

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