“Family’s Heroic Efforts”: Family saved the life of a trapped whale

They noticed a newborn white whale stranded on the shore

Filled with compassion, a group of young siblings spent their holiday on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. As they enjoyed their time, they suddenly noticed a newborn white whale stranded on the shore, gasping for survival.

One of the siblings, Nikolai, who was 15 years old, along with his brothers, sprang into action to rescue the helpless creature. Aware of the urgent need for water, they diligently poured water over the whale every five minutes, ensuring its survival. They even dug a hole to provide a pool of water, hydrating and protecting the fragile skin of the whale.

Realizing the need for professional assistance, the family promptly contacted rescuers who continued caring for the whale until the experts arrived. Fortunately, the family’s efforts aligned with proper protocols, ultimately saving the whale’s life.

Finally, the specialists gently returned the young whale to its natural habitat, releasing it back into the water. They held hope that the whale would be reunited with its mother.

It would be a heartwarming sight if another mother whale were to come across this baby, nourishing and nurturing it, as the survival of the young whale depended on the sustenance it could receive. Typically, whale mothers care for their offspring for a minimum of two years.

Sadly, the population of white whales in the river has declined over the years, likely due to water pollution. Currently, their global population stands at a mere 900 individuals. This alarming decrease highlights the urgent need to address water pollution and protect these magnificent creatures for generations to come.

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