“World’s oldest cat”: The unbelievable life story of the 30-year-old cat

Is this even possible?

Meet Rubble, the lovable purple and white kitten born in England. This charming feline became the cherished pet of caring and kind owner Michele when she was just 20 years old. Rubble was a delightful gift to Michele, and he proved to be a loyal and loving friend.

Thankfully, Rubble has enjoyed good health, although his blood pressure recently showed a slight rise. The veterinarian confirmed that Rubble is indeed healthy, but it’s possible that he may be one of the oldest cats in the world.

One day, Michele’s friend suggested registering Rubble in the Guinness Book of World Records to potentially earn the title of the oldest living cat. However, Michele was hesitant, concerned about exposing Rubble to the attention and crowds that would come along with such recognition. She believed that Rubble deserved to live his golden years in comfort and tranquility.

It’s worth noting that domestic cats typically live between 15 to 20 years, making Rubble’s longevity truly exceptional.

Recently, Rubble celebrated his 30th birthday alongside his owner. It was a joyous occasion commemorating his remarkable milestone.

As Rubble continues to age, we can only hope that he receives abundant love and care throughout his golden years. He has undoubtedly brought immeasurable happiness and companionship to his family, and may his remaining time be filled with warmth and contentment.

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