“The shortest model”: How the woman with only 102 cm in height became a model

She has proven to the world that nothing is impossible.

American Dru Presta faced bullying from her peers due to her height. Dru is now a popular model and blogger who has shown the world that nothing is impossible.

The 27-year-old beauty stands at just 102 cm tall. Despite this, she confidently poses for fashion photographers, does lingerie shoots, and even nude modeling.

Presta endured cruelty from classmates and neighborhood men during her childhood. She was the only member of her family born with dwarfism. People with achondroplasia were uncommon in the small town where the “girl with centimeters” grew up, so few understood the struggles young Drew faced. “They made fun of me and gave me derogatory nicknames. I was teased and called cruel names because I was a memorable character,” explained the model.

But no amount of humiliation or hurtful words could break Presta’s spirit. Interestingly, her relatives didn’t rush to defend the little Drew, so she chose to leave a place where she wouldn’t be accepted as she was. As she grew older, she moved to Los Angeles and began modeling to challenge beauty standards in the fashion industry and inspire others facing similar challenges to pursue their aspirations.

“I want everyone to be accepted in the world of fashion. I want anyone to be able to walk the runway just like any other model, whether they are in a wheelchair or on crutches,” says the beauty on her blog. “With my modeling photos, I want to demonstrate that you can be sexy at any size. You can be super tall, average height, or just 1 meter tall and still be sexy and cute,” explains Presta.

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