“The cutest puppy”: Adorable dog tries not to fall asleep on the chair

He wants to prove what a “good boy” he is!

Introducing an exceptionally responsible dog that has a unique sleeping habit, and the reasons behind it will become clear.

This adorable pet has been granted permission to sleep on a chair, but only when its owner is away. Every day, the dog faithfully accompanies its owner to work and then settles down for a nap on the cozy chair.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances like the quarantine, the owners stayed at home and stopped going to work. This sudden change disrupted the dog’s routine, and it no longer felt the need to sleep on the armchair.

Curious about this shift in behavior, the owner pretended not to understand what the dog wanted, and eventually, the tired pup fell asleep comfortably.

This story highlights the endearing nature of our furry friends and their unique habits. Just like the hero of our tale, if you have a dog, you may discover that they too have their own preferences when it comes to finding the perfect spot to catch some zzz’s.


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