“The cutest German Shepherd”: Unusual puppy was born in this family

His appearance stunned everyone

A German Shepherd recently had a litter of puppies, and to everyone’s surprise, one of the puppies had a unique color.

Among the adorable offspring, there was a charming green puppy named Hulk. At first, the owner was a little apprehensive about the puppy’s appearance. However, upon consulting with experts, it was determined that Hulk was perfectly healthy, and the green color would fade away after bathing.

This was the first time the German Shepherd mother experienced motherhood, giving birth to a total of eight adorable puppies. Hulk, being the fourth born, brought a delightful surprise to the family. He possesses a playful and amusing personality that captures the hearts of those who see him on television.

Many people who witnessed this green puppy were captivated and expressed a desire to adopt one of their own. However, the owner has not yet made a decision about where to place this unique puppy. She believes that Hulk is still very young and should remain with his mother for the time being.

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