“The life journey of the little deer”: A rescue group saved the life of a baby deer

The deer immediately trusted its rescuers

One day, Monika received a call from a group of people seeking her advice. They had come across a baby deer stranded in the water in the woods and needed help.

Monika promptly assisted in rescuing the deer from the water and advised the group to leave the deer near the rescue site, as the mother would likely come back for her.

However, after many hours had passed, they realized that the mother deer hadn’t returned. Once again, the baby deer approached the area where she could hear the voices of the people, seeking their help.

The exhausted and weak baby deer was unable to walk. As the people observed her, they realized they needed to take action to save her life.

They decided to bring the baby deer to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary, considering it the best place for her. Monika and the rescue team ensured she was hydrated and provided her with milk, taking good care of her.

The team quickly realized that the rescued baby deer, now named Ivy, was filled with gratitude for being saved. Shortly after Ivy’s rescue, Monika received another call about a young buck that had been found. They thought it would be beneficial to introduce him to Ivy to facilitate their interaction.

Through the efforts of Monika and the other volunteers, both baby deer recovered and became completely healthy. Monika realized it was the right time for them to return to the wild and adapt to their natural lives.

The sanctuary where this took place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping animals regain their health.


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