“Shakira and Tom Cruise Together?”: The two stars attended an event together

Fans started thinking they are dating now

There are suspicions of an affair between Colombian musician Shakira and Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

The Daily Mail has published an article on this topic, as rumors of their affair have been circulating. Their presence together at the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami only fueled the speculation. Tom Cruise even missed the coronation of Charles III in London because of this alleged affair.

Fans believe that Shakira is moving on with her personal life after a painful breakup with the unfaithful soccer player Gerard Pique. Supporters think that there might be romantic feelings between the two superstars, given the affectionate poses they struck in front of the cameras and their time together at the Miami event.

Meanwhile, Shakira’s ex-husband Gerard Pique seems to be torn between two options. The footballer was recently spotted with a new mistress during an event in Miami. He was seen in the company of an unknown blonde who hugged him and posed for photographs.

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