“Utterly changed the man’s life”: Veterinarian started taking proper care of a newborn hedgehog

He dedicated his whole time to helping animals

The veterinarian made a decision to dedicate his life to helping animals. Despite not receiving a high salary, he worked in various hospitals to provide for his family.

He was always curious and filled with restlessness. One day, a woman brought a small hedgehog to him. Instantly, the veterinarian knew he would fight for the life of this female hedgehog. He started caring for her and providing nourishment.

To everyone’s surprise, the hedgehog not only survived but also thrived under his care. However, when the time came for the veterinarian to bid farewell to the hedgehog, as they couldn’t live at home due to their need for a wildlife environment, he took her to a reserve.

This hedgehog became a catalyst for the veterinarian’s life transformation. He and his wife are now dedicated to rescuing and protecting hedgehogs. They established a reserve to safeguard these precious creatures. It all began with one adorable hedgehog, which led to a profound change in their lives.

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