“Amazing transformation”: Revealing the timeless beauty of a 70-year-old woman

Once again we are convinced that makeup works wonders

Alla’s heirs sought assistance from a skilled makeup artist. As it turned out, she had been invited to her eldest niece’s wedding. Alla led an ordinary retiree’s life and had long abandoned her beauty routine. “The last time I wore eyeshadow was 15 years ago. I don’t even have an eyeliner pencil in my makeup bag,” confessed Alla.

The makeup artist transformed our heroine beyond recognition today. It’s hard to recognize the 70-year-old housewife in this more beautiful woman.

“What beauty,” “Once again, I was convinced that makeup works wonders,” “You can make anyone look like this if you want,” “Take care of yourself,” “Buy mascara and an eyeshadow palette for your mother,” “You can do it anytime you want,” “I don’t understand why you let yourself go like that,” “Such a lovely woman. Take care of yourself.”

“Much better with makeup,” “I wish she could always look like this” can be read under the photos of the transformed 70-year-old Alla. What do you think? Do you like the transformation of our heroine today?

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