“Irreconcilable characters”: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner put an end to their married life

People have their reasons for making certain decisions, and that holds true for well-known actor Kevin Costner. Costner gained popularity, especially for his lead role in the movie “The Bodyguard.”

Currently, the star is going through a difficult time due to his separation from his former spouse, 49-year-old Christine Baumgartner.

It’s worth noting that they have three children together, but even that couldn’t prevent them from making the bold decision to part ways.

While the specific reason for their divorce remains unknown to the public, Christine once mentioned that irreconcilable differences were the main factor.

The couple spent 25 years together and resided in Aspen, Colorado.

Costner’s first marriage was with Cindy Silva, and after being together for 16 years, they separated in 1994. He has four children from this previous marriage.

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