“Struggling to stay awake”: Adorable baby Koala tries not to fall asleep while his handler is massaging him

These animals also have a strong affinity for sleep

Just like humans, animals also have a strong affinity for sleep, especially these charming creatures who spend most of their day dozing off.

Here’s a heartwarming tale of a handler and a cuddly koala. Despite the handler’s attempts to keep the koala awake, the lovable creature couldn’t resist drifting off while enjoying a gentle massage. The koala found the touch truly soothing.

Koalas, in general, have a penchant for being embraced throughout the day. They simply adore the comfort of hugs.

In due course, another koala joined the company of this affectionate one, and they became the best of buddies.

Now at the age of 2, this adorable koala still retains a childlike behavior, often requesting massages from the caring handler. It seems that the koala has found immense joy and relaxation in these moments of tender care.

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