“Pleasantly surprised his fans”: Cole Turner from the TV series “Charmed” 20 years later

There are only three special women in his life

Were you one of those eagerly awaiting the latest episode of this popular fantasy series? If so, you surely remember the actor who captured the hearts of millions of women throughout the show.

Every woman fell head over heels in love with him and dreamt of seeing and interacting with this talented actor. With his impeccable acting skills and powerful masculine energy, it was hard for anyone not to be smitten by him.

The character with the middle name Balthazar was brought to life by J. McMahon, born in Sydney in 1968. At 54 years old, he still possesses his irresistible charm.

Few knew that before pursuing an acting career, he was a successful model who graced the runways of Paris, Milan, and other fashion capitals. Prior to attending an elite school, he studied at the Sydney University.

His career took off with a jeans commercial, but it was his role in “Dynasty” that truly catapulted him to fame.

However, it was the fantasy series that made him a household name, especially among women.

Currently, he is actively involved in “FBI: Most Wanted Criminals,” where he continues to showcase his acting prowess and capture hearts.

He has been married twice and now prioritizes three women in his life: his mother, his wife, and his daughter.

He has appeared in a range of horror, fantasy, and detective films, leaving a significant mark on the world of cinema.

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