“Uniquely beautiful genetic disorder”: White Whales Noticed In Whale-Watching Tour

People were thrilled to meet them in real life

During a whale-watching tour, participants were thrilled to witness several stunning white killer whales.

Although one of them was spotted in the area a few years ago, it seems she is no longer alone as she now swims with other killer whales that also possess rare coloration.

This occurrence is a result of leucism, which is often mistaken for albinism, but the coloration is actually quite different.

Interestingly, there are only five known white killer whales in the world, and it’s unclear why they are becoming more widespread, although scientists suggest it may be due to declining whale populations.

It’s important to find ways to help these unique killer whales, as their condition is a genetic disorder.

Despite this, their distinct appearance is what makes them stand out in the water.

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