“Clever Cockatoos”: Masters of City Survival and Trashcan Treasure Hunting

They have mastered new skills to survive

These intelligent birds have developed a new skill and continue to improve upon it. Originally found in the forests of Australia, this cockatoo now thrives in urban areas thanks to its ability to adapt.

They have learned to drink water from fountains and scavenge for food in garbage cans. They have even mastered a unique technique to access the food. After the trash has been discarded, the bird pushes a nearby stone causing the lid to open and granting them access to the discarded items.

Interestingly, male birds are better at this than females, and younger birds can easily learn how to open the lid themselves.

This resourcefulness is a necessary mechanism for survival. These sociable and intelligent birds have been compared to chimpanzees in their intelligence and are even said to be excellent drummers.

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