“Weird behavior”: Whoopi Goldberg reacted to the comments of her shaved eyebrows

She explained her fans why she made such a decision

Whoopi Goldberg has always been a standout actress, and one of the most distinctive features about her is her lack of eyebrows. Many people have wondered why she doesn’t have them, speculating that it might be due to some sort of medical condition.

However, the truth is far more simple. When she was just a young child, Whoopi had some bumps in her eyebrows, and her mother shaved them off. This became a habit for Whoopi, and she has continued to pluck her eyebrows completely ever since.

Despite the fact that not having eyebrows is not a natural feature of her body, it has become her trademark look. She once joked that some people don’t even notice that she doesn’t have eyebrows, including her ex-husband.

In conclusion, the reason for Whoopi Goldberg’s lack of eyebrows is not due to any sort of medical condition, but rather a childhood habit that became a defining feature of her appearance.

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