“Wonderful creature”: Adorable horse likes to touch the belly of the pregnant woman to feel the child

Not every horse is so affectionate as our hero!

Not every horse shows curiosity when their owner is pregnant, but when they do, it’s quite fascinating. Dogs and cats are commonly known for showing interest when their owners are pregnant, but horses add an extra element to the equation.

A woman in Colorado discovered she was pregnant and noticed that her horse also seemed to realize the news. Whenever Megan approached the horse, it would nuzzle its nose against her pregnant belly, which made her feel an overwhelming sense of love from her equine companion.

Eventually, the woman decided to film the horse’s reaction and posted it on social media, where it quickly gained popularity. The video captured the heartwarming moment of the horse showing affection towards the pregnant woman and touching her belly.

It’s not surprising that even animals, including predators, understand and celebrate the arrival of new life. This particular horse’s reaction is just another example of how animals can sense and respond to significant life changes in their owners. It’s possible that this cute horse may make a great companion and protector for the baby once it arrives.

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