“Cute, lonely, and sick kitten”: Rescue Volunteers Save Abused Kitten After It Knocks on Window for Help

One winter morning, a tiny kitten appeared at a window and began to tap on it. The sound was barely audible, but the homeowner heard it and upon drawing back the curtain, saw the adorable kitten.

Without understanding why the cat was there, the woman immediately took a photo of the animal with her phone and sent it to the animal rescue service. Volunteers quickly arrived to help the kitten.

The kitten was taken to a clinic for treatment, where it became clear to the volunteers that it had been living with negligent owners. Upon seeing the volunteers, the kitten showed no fear, understanding that they were there to help.

The kitten was named Aslan and once he was healthy, the photo taken by the woman helped him find a permanent, caring home. Aslan now lives happily.

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