“Dog or a cat?: This unique creature caught the attention of all pet-lovers

The cute and funny appearance of this lovely pet attracts everyone!

Have you ever heard of a creature that looks like a combination of a dog and a cat? Surprisingly, many people love both cats and dogs and are capable of taking care of both. However, for some, taking care of just one is all they can afford.

But what if there was a creature that looked like both a cat and a dog? Unfortunately, this unique animal cannot be adopted by anyone.

With a dog’s head and a cat-like body, this creature also resembles a fox. Depending on the picture, it may look more like a cat or a dog. According to one internet user, it may be mixed with a British grey cat.

However, if you thought this was a dog, you would be correct! This small pet is a mix of rare local dog breeds and may have a gene mutation.

Its unique appearance and fun expressions have captured the hearts of millions, and it has gained 40,000 likes since its social media page was opened.

This lovable pet has many subscribers, and it brings joy to everyone every day. It just goes to show that even the most unusual creatures can be loved and appreciated.

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