“Emotional reunion”: Once a soldier helped and sheltered a stray dog, and reunited a year later

The solder was in a duty for a whole year

Nick Pierzchalski, a soldier serving in Iraq, had a deep love for animals and never hesitated to help homeless cats and dogs in need.

One day, he decided to adopt a homeless dog and the whole team showered the pet with love, feeding him their own meals and giving him the name Airys after their favorite food.

As Nick’s deployment in Iraq came to an end, he knew he needed to officially adopt Airys, but bringing a pet to the United States was a difficult task. A year later, Nick’s dream finally came true and Airys was reunited with his owner, bringing immense joy to both of them.

Nick was grateful to everyone who helped make this reunion possible and never expected it to happen. Now Airys lives happily with his loving master.

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